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CALIFORNIA STREET DREAMIN': A Word With Actor And Filmmaker Jordan Cann

Actor and artist multi-hyphenate Jordan Cann and I have a few things in common. I surprisingly learned this during our latest interview in the days since he debuted the official trailer for his second feature film, Street Dreams: Los Angeles.

It turns out that both of us were born and raised in the borough of Queens in New York City. I actually reside near the area he grew up in for eight years which, at the time, dealt with its own share of crime - enough to upend the Cann household for a move to Hampton, Virginia where would begin cultivate himself in the arts.
"Around this time I really started getting heavy into the martial arts due to the popularity of TMNT and the action/martial arts boom in the 80s - 90s." he says. "After begging for classes my family finally gave in and I took formal lessons for a month before I quit. I didn't have the discipline to focus and learn the katas."
That didn't stop Cann from finding his angle in martial arts, and not for…

Start The Clock! The Official EQUALIZER 2 Trailer Is Here!

I've been busy in a cave somewhere the last 24 hours doing some editing for an interview which will go live soon.
Going forward however, it actually has nothing to do with the latest arrival of the official trailer for Antoine Fuqua's hugely anticipated sequel, The Equalizer 2, but I'm all for it all the same by the time it opens on July 20 from Sony. Denzel Washington is back in the role that originally inspired the classic CBS TV series of the same name as the monastic, stoic badass, clock-startin', bone-breakin, people-stabbing-and-stomping do-gooder that all of us cheered for in 2014.
Denzel Washington returns to one of his signature roles in the first sequel of his career. Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed – but how far will he go when that is someone he loves?Richard Wenk penned the script once more on this one, for good measure. I loved this trailer not knowing it was going to arrive today, or the poster for that matter -…

Sink Your Teeth Into The Final Trailer For JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDON

June 22 marks the release of J.A. Bayona's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I'm kind of excited for this one having seen Colin Trevorrow's film two summers ago in theaters which, frankly makes it my first theatrical foray into the franchise. It was also a little more fun than I predicted.
I was never really keen on the initial trilogy as my tastes lied elsewhere, though I eventually caught them on home video. Alas, more then a decade later with Legendary and Universal placing their stake in Chris Pratt and a lovable CG raptor named Blue, I'm pretty curious as to where this story will go.
Full info below preceds the final trailer now running online! It’s been four years since theme park and luxury resort Jurassic World was destroyed by dinosaurs out of containment. Isla Nublar now sits abandoned by humans while the surviving dinosaurs fend for themselves in the jungles.When the island’s dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas How…

OMEGA 1: The Future Is Female, Kick-Ass And Wants You To Join Her Revolution!

If comics are more your speed, the latest pitch trailer for the hopeful relaunch of Mark Edward Lewis and actress and stuntwoman Alina Andrei's motion comic thriller, Omega 1. The two launched the publication in 2007 with an eye toward bringing attention to cyber security with a superhuman female protagonist at the center of an action-driven sci-fi narrative that now aims to be much more as the team pushes toward funding goals toward its fifth and sixth entries. 2023 saw the advent of World War III, but it was a war of information: the Hacker War. Now, the only way to securely transmit data is hand-delivery via highly skilled couriers. Working for the premiere courier company is OMEGA 1, a genetically enhanced she-weapon who is deadly with a sword, fist fights with firearms and can draw metal to herself. She searches for her lost identity while trying to keep herself and her clients' data in tact. Along with her extraordinarily gifted friends in the company, she must piece tog…

BELIEVER Delivers A Smokin' New Trailer For Lee Hae-Young's DRUG WAR Remake

To say that remakes can't be done right is a statement that doesn't exactly stand flawless. Granted, there are plenty that fail to deliver, but the scale weighs differently with each film which is exactly why I'm always willing to give them a shot.
That being said, I don't specifically know if the same skeptic sentiments often shared in Western audiences extend in China and Korea, but director Lee Hae-Young is more than willing to make a worthwhile case. Having found his inspiration in Johnnie To's hit crime thriller, Drug War, Lee's fourth film, dubbed Believer, has begun its campaign with a first a official trailer that doesn't hesitate to get down, dirty and in the thick of things.
Detective Won-ho is determined to catch the infamous leader of Asia’s largest drug market, who is known only by the name, ‘Mr. LEE.’ While searching for Mr. LEE, Won-ho apprehends and eventually conspires with Rak, a lowly member of the drug cartel who seeks revenge against Mr.…

Teaser: PUNK SAMURAI SLASH DOWN Teases Period Samurai Thrills, Intrigue And Shenanigans

Gojoe and Bitter Honey helmer Ishii Gakuryu, and author Machida Ko share a familiarity with punk music and culture. Thus, it seems pretty fitting the two share a film lineage that now extends to an adaptation of Machida's 2004 Magazine House publication, Punk Samurai Slash Down, and now with a June 30 release in tow.
If the novel is any indication, the film may very well be as bizzare in its impertinent approach. It details the quagire that beleaguers an opportunistic ronin who tries to manipulate his way into a dysfunctional samurai clan by pitting himself as the victim of a doomsday cult. Bakuman scribe Kudo Kankuro penned the script that sees Ajin actor Ayano Gou lead the cast.
There will definitely be some surprises along the way, and especially for those who are new to this IP like me. Indeed, I stand among a niche that should be no stranger to gonzo and bizzare, derivative or even just overtly whacky, I'd say there's room for a film like this. Without question.

Diesel, H Collective Secure Rights To xXx Franchise Ahead Of Fourth Installment

D.J. Caruso is returning to direct the butt-kicking hell out of a fourth installment to the xXx franchise according to multiple trade sources running online. The news comes in addition with the word that The H Collective and Vin Diesel's One Race Films have acquired the rights to the franchise with Diesel expected to star once more as well as produce.
Diesel launched the xXx franchise next to the growth of Universal Pictures's The Fast And The Furious whose director, Rob Cohen, helmed the inaugural 2002 film from Columbia Pictures. Ice Cube would replace the actor for its 2005 sequel from Lee Tamahori twelve years before Diesel would return to the role last year headlining with a sprawling cast of heavy hitters that additionally featured Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, Ruby Rose and Michael Bisping to name a few, as well as a cameo by Cube himself for a Paramount release.
"During my time at Paramount I was lucky to be involved in the development and distribution of xXx: Return of Xan…

WWII Adventure Comic, BLACKHAWK, Opens The Door For Spielberg's Premiere DC Adaptation At Warner Bros.

Ready Player One helmer Steven Spielberg is preparing to full-on enter comic book movie territory as of Tuesday. DC is announcing Blackhawk, partnering Warner Bros. Pictures and Amblin Entertainment for a live-action adaptation of the 1941 Quality Comics publication from creators Will Eisner, along with Bob Powell and Chuck Cuidera. In the world of comics, Blackhawk is a wartime adventure series focusing on the titular Blackhawk, who commanded a squadron of ace pilots also known as the Blackhawks or the Blackhawk Squadron. The squadron would battle the Axis powers, as well as more fantastic super-villains and war machines, such as the memorable shark planes, which could operate in water as well as in the air. While the team debuted in 1941 in the heart of comics' Golden Age, they’ve also been adapted to the modern era as a part of The New 52 and have spawned a well-known DC heroine, Lady Blackhawk, who joined the series in the late 1950s. DC eventually acquired the comic series in…

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn/Birds Of Prey Movie Lands A Director

Screenwriter Christina Hodson is currently penning Batgirl for Warner Bros.. In the meantime, she's also been busy with the studio's efforts toward more female-centric DC filmlore following Margot Robbie's own performance in David Ayer's Suicide Squad.
That film would be inspired by Birds Of Prey, a female-centric culmination of DC characters from the Batman universe in which Robbie is producing as well as possibly star. For this, we turn to an exclusive at Deadline that now states a deal is on the way for Robbie's attachment along with that of former Wall Street Journal reporter-turned-filmmaker Cathy Yan to direct.
The film would be Yan's own sophomore turn at the helm for a feature following her debut, Dead Pigs, starring Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2) and for which Yan earned a World Cinema Dramatic Award For Ensemble Acting at Sundance last year. It also makes her the first Asian director of a superhero adaptation at Warner Bros., as well as the second director…

STREGA: Bueno's Sexy Purple Partner Packs A Punch In The Newest Teaser Trailer

Filmmaker and tokusatsu maverick, Bueno, now brings us slightly closer to the halfway mark before the theatrical cut release of Strega, the sequel to his most recent feature suit action adventure, Gun Caliber. Production is on going with final action sequences gearing up for next month following strategic cutbacks to earlier intended wire stunts due to production constraints while Bueno currently aims to manifest a splashy, action-packed saga fitting for an era that even now seems to graciously welcomes R-rated Marvel film fandom. Strega is a direct sequel to our first film, Gun Caliber, and is set a few years after the events of that film. The Japanese government decides to even further regulate superheroes AND the overall populace using the Vector Card, a new ID system.Vector also happens to be a corporation that has been gradually extending its power behind the scenes. Our hero, Soma Kusanagi, is a foul-mouthed ruffian marked as a persona non-grata by not only the government, but a…

CHAMPION: Don Lee Arm-Wrestles His Way Onto A New Poster

Freshman director Kim Yong-Wan is eyeing a theatrical release next month for his latest, Champion. The film is billed as a sports comedy but its clear, distinct homage to Sylvester Stallone's classic, Over The Top has certainly garnered the film as something much more with a touch of heart. It has also graced lead actor Don Lee (Train To Busan, The Outlaws, Along With The Gods) with some worthwhile attention on top of his rousing performance caliber. Mark is a disgraced arm wrestling champion who was adopted by an American family when he was a boy. He’s a bouncer at a club and befriends a Korean student named Jin-ki, who has a knack for schemes to make money from any situation he’s in. Lured by an arm wrestling tournament in Korea and Jin-ki’s scheme to make a fortune from it, Mark comes back to his native country for the first time in 30 years. When he arrives, Jin-ki gives him his biological mother’s address. Hesitant at first, he visits the address and gets united with a sister…